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I'm currently evaluating FPC X vs Premiere Pro.  With one exception FPC X has Premiere beaten.  My test project is a slide show in which some images have pan and zoom applied.  The general formula I follow is to establish the shot at the iinitial position and scale.  Then move to the ending position and scale, and hold that for a second.  On some shots the movement wobbles during the pan.  I've no extreneous keyframes and I've redone a few slides several times with the same result.   I'd really like to use FCP X, the UI is really crisp and it's less then half the price but I can apply the same fx and they work smorothly. I hope I'm doing something wrong, any advice?   If I decide FPC X should I go the extra $50 and get Motion5? Does it work better?

Final Cut Pro X
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