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aperture 3.4.3

mountain goat 10.8.2




In aperture, I make changes to a photo and then I want to email it.


I click on the icon and select email a`nd it opens up the apple mail 'new mail' box (which is great).


However, when I click on the photo being sent I notice that the photo being sent is the 'original'.


What am I doing wrong & how do I send the changed version (which has been improved and cropped etc.)






  • léonie Level 10 Level 10 (81,700 points)

    I don't see the same as you. For me, Aperture sends the edited version.


    What adjustments exactly are you applying? Are you applying them in Aperture or using an external editor? Have you set Aperture to automatically create previews in the "Aperture preferences > Previews" panel? You could try to update the previews  for the image you are sending (select the image, then use the command "Photos > Update Preview").


    Also I'd try to repair your library, since Aperture obviously is not accessing the previews correctly, when it is mailing the image.


    Does the correct image get mailed, when you simply drag the edited image version from your Aperture window to the "Mail" icon in your Dock?




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    Thank you Leoni


    The problem is intermittent.


    The changes I am doing include cropping burning and lightening photos, that kind of thing.


    If I drag a modified image into Apple Mail (Or to the deskto)  the image ends up being the original one, very strange!


    For now thanks to you to you the workaround is ........before I do anything with images that I have edited, I updated the previews in all of them


    That does the trick so thanks again.



  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 Level 8 (37,555 points)

    As a word of explanation -- dragging to the Mail icon can only use an existing Preview.  Using the Share by Email command will actually export to a new message in accordance with that Preference setting for Email.



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    Sorry I don't understand Ernie


    I realise that there are  two ways to get a modified photo out of Aperture and into mail. That is, as you say, 1/ by dragging onto the mail icon or 2/ by using the share by email.  Are you saying that share by email will retain the modifications?

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    Dragging only accesses the Preview -- Leonie has addressed that your Previews are likely not getting updated.  but the size image will always equal that which you have set for Previews.


    However, Share by Email is a totally different thing.  It exports versions to the new message according to the size (and also Format if needed) settings you have entered in Aperture Preferences/Exports.