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I have a Macbook Pro with 3 partitions :

- 1 partition OS X Lion

- 1 'recovery' OS X partition

- 1 Bootcamp partition with W7, created with Lion


I should want to upgrade OS X in Moutain Lion. If I buy ML from Appstore and install it on my current oS X Lion partition, is there any risk to damage or scratch the Bootcamp partition ? Is there any special care to have, any special action to do ?


After upgrading OS X to ML, will my Bootcamp partition be still able to boot ?


Also, will there be any thing else to ? For instance, I think that I have currently bootcamp 4.0 drivers on the W7 partition. Will I have to launch bootcamp assistant again from ML, in order to download new .exe drivers, and to have them to be installed on W7 ?


Thank you

MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
Reply by BobTheFisherman on Dec 16, 2012 7:05 AM Helpful

The upgrade to Mountain Lion will not affect your Bootcamp installation of Windows 7.


But as always, when messing with disk operations like installing new Operating Systems you should always do a backup of your data first.

Reply by mende1 on Dec 16, 2012 9:01 AM Helpful

Windows 7 can work properly with OS X Lion drivers, but I recommend to download updated Boot Camp drivers and install them on Windows so you have the latest Boot Camp drivers and Windows will work properly

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