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Please help! I've tried everything to get this dang thing to display a downloaded movie from itunes on my epson EX5210 lcd projector via a HDMI cable plugged into a minidisplay port adapter. I am no expert and have no idea what to do!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), mini display port and hdmi
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    It's all in the manual... starting on page 26...


    USB seems to work as well. Tried that?


    By the way, this dang thing has "only" 768 physical pixels vertically, so "1080p" won't be visible anyway, and scaling will take place. Hope you won't be diappointed. All specs including resolutions here.

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    Let's step back a sec... What model Mac are we talking about?


    Full HDMI support, with all the bells & whistle including sound, only comes with Thunderbolt.


    Thunderbolt only comes with 2011 Macs or later.


    Mini-DisplayPort on earlier models is NOT Thunderbolt.

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    Uhm, no one said sound. No one said Thunderbolt.


    The OP said Mini-DP, so I guess it's safe to assume it's a pre-2011 MBP, hehe.


    The Epson's manual states that a connection from Mini-DP to HDMI should work, which is what the OP seems to be trying to achieve. I'd like to see him verifying that every necessary step is known and taken. Again, no one expects "full HDMI support, with all the bells & whistles including sound", I'd say.

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    But HDMI is clearly stated and that interface is a quirky beast on computers, given the rapidly evolving HDMI versions. If the Epson is newer than the Mac, getting the pair to understand each other will be an interesting exercise.

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    Have you seen the Epson manual? It seems to be pretty flexible and "forgiving" on it's HDMI interface - as opposed to TV sets. Unless you want to force it into unsupported resolutions, of course...


    Let's see what the OP comes back with. Maybe he's long sitting on the couch and watching the movie...

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    True, cause the Mac is scant on interface setup provisions.


    Let's hope the bag of popcorn is tasty.

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    Prefer salty or sweet?