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I have a Mac Mini Server - 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB ram running OS X 10.8.2. It replaced my old PPC 1.8 MHz iMAC that died last year. So far the speed and performance are awesome! I am still working my way through getting this set up as a server on my home network. I have 2 - 16TB Drobos connected. I am having an issue just recently adding files to my Drobo. I get the error above. I also seem to have an issue with adding music to my iPod. I get error "Attempting to copy to the disk "My Name's iPOD" failed. THe disk could not be read from or written to. I have reset the iPOD and erased all files on in and now can't add any to it. I thought that since I am the Admin that I would not have any issues. I made sure my permissions were OK on the DROBO since it used to be connected to my old PPC iMAC.  I started out being able to do all this and now I can't. I am sure there is something I have over looked. I have not even tried to get my MBP to connect to the server until I can iron out what the deal is locally. Also are there any good ebook manuals that would describe the Server setup in greater detail? I just want to be able to connect to it remotely from outside my home network to access files and maybe even send photos to for backup when away from home. I have a DynDNS account but have not gotten anything figured out from there. ANy help or direction would be great.

Also have the fixed the Podcast issue? It worked perfectly fine when it was in iTunes. The App  my Touch kept crashing and I have been unable to even listen to any of my Podcast. I wish they would put it back in to iTunes.

Thanks again.



MAC MINI SERVER (LATE 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 / 16 GB ram
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    That's a number of questions. And comments.


    To start somewhere, even if not the most important, maybe: All about OS X Server incl manual and what not.

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    Next one:


    With the DROBO mounted, can you select it in Finder, do a Command-I and tell what it says at the bottom under Sharing & Permissions? A screenshot of that section would do as well, of course.

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    Since you seem to intend no limitation in ownership/permissions, you may clcik on the lock and enter your password, then check "Ignore ownership on this volume". Then click the cogwheel and "Apply to enclosed items". This may take quite a while, depending on number of files on the drive..


    Hopefully the -50 errors will stop.

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    Meanwhile onwards to the iPod:


    Resetting it via its menu, then connecting it to the Mac and treating it like a completely new, yet unknown iPod - doesn't that work?

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    Correct. Right now I am the only one accessing files. Once I can get that to work then I can close down users and only open up a select set of folders. It would appear that as far as the Mac Mini is concerned, I do not have fulll access to my files on the DROBO. Even when I add myself as full read and write and apply to enclosing folders it still will not let me copy files to other devices connected directly to MAC.

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    It is wierd, When I try to transfer an album it pops up an error -36 but will only copy over the 1st song.


    The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “01 Only The Young.m4a” can’t be read or written.

    (Error code -36)

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    That's not weird, that's dangerous! See here for "error -36"... it's very likely that at least one of your disks is defect, either one that you're trying to read from, or one you're trying to write to.


    First thing: Backups. Do you have any? If not, it's really time to create them, and best at least one bootable backup of the start-up disk. If you can't due to errors, try in Safe Mode (takes longer to boot).


    Do you have any tinker tools, anti-virus or other "bad" software running that could interfere with the system, especially if it's not ML-compatible? If so, remove it completely!


    Check and repair disks. Do so best with Disk Utility after booting into Recovery Mode. Check for each disk the SMART status and which format the disks are in, if it's GUID partitions, etc; the (I)nfo icon should help after selecting each disk.

    If Recovery Mode is not available, you'll have to do upon regular or Safe Mode boot, but note that you can't repair the start-up disk; to do so, you'll need to boot from a different drive.


    If all looks good but errors persist, do an SMC reset, best multiple, like 3 or so.

    If still errors persist: Likely senseless in your case, but trash the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist file.


    If disks are damaged and can't be repaired, well... it depends which, and you'll probably be able to think of what to do.


    I'm crossing my fingers...