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I just came back from a dive trip to Cozumel and tried my new D800's video capabilities.


I'm happy to report that, with color correction in FCP, the D800 does a great job without a red filter or lights.


I didn't have much chance to experiment with this--too many other new things to try--but here's a quick preview.


This is an uncorrected frame shooting without lights, auto white balance and programed exposure and shutter speed in about 40 feet of water (sunny day topside):


Before correction.png


I did a quick and dirty color correction using the three way color correction tool in FCP.  Not surprisingly, the corrections added red:


3-way color correction.png


The final looks great to me:


After correction.png


I also tested use of the Magic Filter for a few dives.  I did not get better resuls, and worse, I had to do a lot of color correction on my stills to make them usable.


This may be of limited interest to those who don't dive, but I was really happy to see that I could dive and do both stills and video without a filter and still restore with FCP the reds, oranges and yellows lost below 15 or so feet.

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