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Pete Kroner Level 1 (10 points)

I want to replace my sister-in-laws iPhone 3 with a 5 but I'm not sure what I should do or where I should go to buy it.... I thinks she's on ATT, but with Comcast phone service on her iMac. Does she have to be with her iPhone 3 for two or more years before she can upgrade?

Wahat to do?

  • steve359 Level 6 (12,330 points)

    Offer to accompany her to the store with your checkbook.  Since she has to sign the contract ... unless you are undertaking the cost of the 2-year contract which would be quite generous.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    Apple offers iPhone gift cards that cover the cost of the iPhone so that the recipient can select the appropriate carrier and sign all the necesary paperwork for the contract.


    The gift cards come in varying values, so you could be really generous and gift the 64GB unlocked ($849) or go for the more economical 16GB ($199) with 2yr contract.