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Several days ago, I began to do a software update to see if there are any updates for the OS.  I have done this many times over many years.  When I began an OS software update several days ago, I got a mesage that said, more or less, that a secure connection could not be established or verified.  My computer asked me if I wanted to proceed anyway.  I did not proceed.  I had never before gotten such a notice.  A few days later, when I tried to make an SFTP connection completely unrelated to Apple, I got essentially the same notice and question.  What causes these notices?  Is this connection problem caused by a cracker, my computer, something wrong I did, the phone company, my ISP, or some other source?  Can I identify the cause or stop the problem?  Is there a security problem?  If so, what's causing it?


The problem is stated above.  Below, I give information which may be related.


In the Users and Groups preference panel which one sees when one creates a new user, there is no set of alternate images shown to the administrator.  The new user automatically is given a log in image but the administrator is not shown a set of alternate images from which he may choose one.  The images are in folders in root/Library/User Pictures but the images are not automatically shown to the administrator.  When a new user is created, an image is automatically assigned to him.  If one clicks that image, one sees three words:  Defaults, Recents, Camera.  Below those words, one sees "No Items".  Two users have been given the same image.  I think that this is evidence that my OS may be from a source other than Apple.  I bought the computer with Lion.  I downloaded Mountain Lion for free in the standard way over the Internet but it is conceivable that it did not really come from Apple, I suppose.  I post this message because of the insecure connection problem which so far has occurred twice, once involving Mac OS software update.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)