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I don't know if others have noticed this issue but on the new release (10.0.7) I sometimes don't see the thumbnail preview of the media in my import window (usually after importing some parts and then reopening the window to import more.. and no, it's not because I have hide imported clips checked off). The card is loaded but the thumbnails are all blue (no picture showing). If I click on the blank thumbnail then it will show the preview but as soon as I unclick then the thumbnail preview goes blank again. I have both stills and video on the same card (haven't tried to see if it's different if I only have one kind of media.) This media is from a 5DMKiii on a 600X Lexar CF card with Firewire connection to my MBP RD. This would happen occasionally on 10.0.6 (the nightmare update!) as well but never on the previous versions. If I exit and restart FCPX and restart the app then the problem is solved; but if I import and then come back and reimport I will sometimes see this problem. Anybody else has seen this problem? Is it just a bug? Have to wait for the next version again?!!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    I have the same problem.  It's very frustrating.


    Also, the "hide imported clips" button seems to work intermittently.  Sometimes the clips I imported are hidden, sometimes they show up again.  Are you having this issue too?


    Have you found any solutions?



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    I agree. I had the same issue with the hide import. Also, the color board still has the same problem from 10.0.6 of the mask occasionally disappearing when you hit the mask button during the color correction. Previously noted in 10.0.6 and not yet corrected. It works well after restarting FCPX but stops occasionally, just like the blank thumbnail isues during import. Seems like all bugs in 10.0.6 were not addressed and some remain. I hope they get to these. However, 10.0.7 was a lifesaver as 10.0.6 was a disaster. For the time being, I have found not solution around these issues other than quiting and restarting FCPX whenever they happen. A big pain in the you know what! Good luck and let's wait for 10.0.8 I guess to address these!!!

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    the mask occasionally disappearing when you hit the mask button during the color correction


    This is by design. Clicking the mask button in the correction toggles the OCR off and on. But I guess you mean something else.

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    Yes Tom. I know that function.. this is different though and was demonstrated on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SnKsvfK9qQ (and there was another thread here on it too where someone recommended to avoid vertical layout of the scopes but that has happened again for me dispite the non-vertical layout)... but it's not a big issue, just a small bug that hasn't been solved. Just requires a restart which is a pain.

    Thanks anyway Tom for all your help in other posts, etc.

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    Thanks. But still no idea what's triggering it. In the video it seems to happen right from the start. As soon as the mask is created the OCR doesn't appear. Seems to be pretty random. I can't make it happen myself, with or without vertical scopes.

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    Yes Tom. That's the strange thing with the 10.0.6 update on. These problem occur with some folks and not others. After the 10.0.6 I had the same problem on my 3 MBPs that date back for each of the past three years including the brand new MBP RD with SSD. Since the problem was happening on all three it can't be computer based. However, because it happens for some folks and not others it would mean that some folks have software configurations that clash with FCPX's new code. Whether it was only due to the plugins or even possibly the presence of other applications on the whole system that interfere is anyone's guess. And that's been the frustrating part, the fact that some folks have the problems and others don't. I don't think anyone has yet found a common denominator. Of course, plugins were immediately judged to be an issue. But I don't know if anyone has come up with anything else yet. So, we'll see. Hopefully we'll get some resolution at some point. All I know is that 10.0.5 was the best editing software I have ever used. It was amazingly stable and everything worked beautifully. 10.0.7 has been a lot better than 10.0.6 but it still crashes occasionally and has these little quirky things.

    Oh well. Hopefully we'll be back in track soon again.

    Thanks again.