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I updated to iTunes 11 and when I plug my iPod Shuffle into my iMac it does not show that it is charging anymore...I don't understand when I make a new playlist I don't see in Itunes where it says apply and sync...

iPod shuffle, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    I had the same problem, but I just realized what to do. 


    When you have iTunes11 open and then you first plug in your iPod, you will see a little button near the upper right that says iPod (right next to the button to toggle back and forth between library and iTunes Store).  If you click on the eject part of the iPod button, your iPod will no longer be recognized by iTunes even though it is still plugged in (and thus still charging). 


    However, if you click on any other part of the iPod button, you will then enter the iPod and find new buttons such as "On This iPod"  "Summary" and others. 


    I hope this helps!

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    Wow! How incredibly Unintuitive! What is wrong with the braintrust at Apple? The button design looks like the sole purpose is to eject. I was looking through all the menus, trying to find the view option to put the device dock or something back! Thanks Wakadool



    Dorks, uh, I mean Nerds! When you make a drastic and unintuitive change, how about a pop-up the first few times we plug in a device, telling us where you hid our favorite options/functions this time?!

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    Got to agree with greendragon--why would someone EVER click on an eject button if they were trying to do stuff between iTunes and their iPhone or iPod? If they need to reduce the interface to a single button, it should be generic (not an eject icon) and "eject" should be on the drop-down list it triggers.

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    FYI - If you want iTunes to work like it did in previous versions, you just need to show the sidebar (along left side of window).  From the iTunes menu bar, under View, select Show Sidebar.  With the sidebar visible, iTunes 11.x works (mostly) like it did in prevous versions.  (That "device button" near the upper right corner goes away, because you can select the iPod in the sidebar, under DEVICES.)

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    Well, I tried all of that, couldn't find this unintuitive button, had my Sidebar turned on all along.  Still couldn't get my Shuffle to show up.  Restarted, reset, did all the things the iPod Troubleshooter said to do. 


    This all happened when I installed iTunes 11. 


    So, I plugged in my iPhone 5 and along with the iPhone, the Shuffle showed up too.  Now it's fixed.  I can unplug it and plug it back in, works just fine.  Odd problem and I hate miracles but it's working now.

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    If you use Windows, maybe it was this issue with the assigned drive letter for each device




    Plugging in another device somehow adjusted the drive letters in a way that made them "work."

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    Not using Windows, all Apple and all up to date.  And, it looks like I was premature on the 'fixed', my Shuffle has gone back to not connecting.

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    If it's a Mac, have you tried shutting down (powering off) the Mac and disconnecting all USB devices including hub (except standard keyboard/mouse if normally used)?  Then, start it back up, run iTunes, and connect only the shuffle to a direct USB port on the Mac.


    If possible, rule out a faulty USB docking cable as the cause by trying a different cable, or trying the one you have with another shuffle.


    If connecting your iPhone 5 to the same port works, you've ruled out a faulty USB port as the cause.

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    I have tried that and at least once it showed up for just a second then was gone again.  We're all barking up the wrong tree with cables and USB ports and such, I just fired up an old laptop that's running iTunes 9, plugged in the Shuffle and it works perfectly.  This all happend right after I installed iTunes 11, that's the culprit, hopefully Apple will fix the problem soon.

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    It's good that you did the test to rule out the cable and the shuffle itself.


    FYI - iTunes 11.x works with my shuffle, along with my other "big" iPods and my iPhone, and I can connect all of them at the same time.

    I have tried that and at least once it showed up for just a second then was gone again. 

    That "showed up for just a second" was in iTunes, or on the Desktop of your Mac?  If it's on the Mac desktop, that may be normal, because iPods brieftly appear on the Desktop while iTunes does the initial sync for a few seconds, then iTunes unmounts that iPod's disk and the iPod disappears from the Desktop (unless you have disk use enabled for the iPod).  But it should remain visible in iTunes.


    In iTunes, you said the sidebar (along left side of window) was not hidden.  When no device (such as iPod or iPhone) is connected, you should not see the heading DEVICES in the sidebar.  When you connect your iPhone, does DEVICES appear in the sidebar, with the iPhone listed below?

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    So, it's working now, no idea why.  I've waited to post this, connected and disconnected, 3-4 times, still working just like it should.  I hate miracle fixes, too many times they don't stay fixed.

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    spoke too soon, doesn't work anymore.