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I have just restored my ipad to factory settings. I have downloaded Skype, but it is the most recent version and I don't like it.

would like to download version, which is what I have on my imac.

But when I went to a website and tried to download it, it said that it was not able to download it with Safari.

Please can anyone help?

Solved by King_Penguin on Dec 17, 2012 8:08 AM Solved

If you have the older version from the app store and it's in your computer's iTunes library (if it's not then you should be able to add it via File > Add To Library), then you will need to delete the current version from your iPad and then connect the iPad to your computer and sync that older to it (syncing apps). You will need to remember not to 'update all' via the Updates tab in the App Store app, otherwise it will get over written with the current store version.