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My friend has an ipod nano. Here's a photo, not sure what gen. it is.


He had a PC that no longer works and has no data left on it. His original iPod Photos were stored on that PC that no longer works.


He has since purchased an iMac and is running Lion OS X, all up to date.


The problem: He NO LONGER has the ORIGINAL PHOTOS, only the ones on his iPod Nano, that used to work with his PC, which no longer functions.


He would like to copy the photos stored on his iPod Nano, to his new iMac.


Using finder, he went to Device, then clicked PHOTOS and dragged the folder to his desktop. It said there was 1.43 GB of content.


However, all that was saved to the desktop was (see other photo) Photo Cache, Photo Database and Thumbs. There are no photos at all. What is he doing wrong? Thanks.


ipod mike.jpg