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I have a new 27" iMac on the way.  I got the fusion drive option.  Just curious if folks who have got their 21", or even the few folks that have already got their 27", can answer my question. 


This Apple support document is silent on Power Nap compatibility with the new iMacs, but it was last updated prior to their announcement.

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    That document was the one I posted in my original post.  It was posted around the time the iMacs were announced.   Anyone with first-hand knowledge?

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    I suppose, then, you don't believe Apple's own document? Very strange.

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    If Apple has not updated that document just how would anyone on this forum know if that feature is supported on a Desktop System.


    If you read that Doc is says nothing of any desktop Mac's that support that feature. Why because by nature a desktop does not need that feature.


    Only time will tell.

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    @Kappy, in my experience Apple does not post support documents that mention unreleased products.  The doc is dated in September.  No 27" iMacs shipped until December.


    @Shootist007, the two power nap use cases I can foresee wanting on a desktop would be photostream updates and time machine backups.  When I am on vacation I load a lot of pictures from my camera to my iPad.  I'd love to see those photos updated in my iPhoto library before I even get home.  And, who wouldn't want their backups to happen while they are not using the computer?  As for the doc not mentioning the iMacs see the comment above.


    I was hoping that one of the lucky people to have actually taken delivery of a late 2012 iMacs would comment.  Thanks.

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    To use Power Nap, your computer must use flash memory (not a hard disk or solid-state drive)


    Fusion Drive includes flash storage and a hard disk. OS X automatically moves files to the hard disk if you don't often use them, so the iMac doesn't support Power Nap. Your computer must use flash storage only

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    I have a 27" iMac with the 768GB SSD option (i.e. pure Flash), and PowerNap is not available either (it is on my rMBP and Air 2012).

    So, having all-flash clearly is not the only determining factor right now....

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    I don't happen to have an iMac, but I looked at the Apple website and here http://www.apple.com/osx/whats-new/ at the bottom of the page, it states "Power Nap requires a Mac notebook with built-in flash storage. May require a firmware update." Notice how it clearly states 'notebook' and not just computer. From this, you can see that Apple never actually intended to support Power Nap in Mac desktops. Unfortunately, from the looks of it, Apple thinks that only the notebooks need the Power Nap feature. Too bad. Who knows, maybe they changed their mind and didn't bother updating that page...? But they don't usually forget stuff like that. Unfortunately, your iMac will probably never be able to take advantage of this great software. :(