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I recently purchased a FW800 model Power Mac G4. It works great.

It also came with a Formac model FGD 2010-1 display, which also works great.

However, I have bought two 23" ADC Cinema Displays for it, so now I want to sell the display.

My friend would like to buy it for his dad, who uses a PC.

Because the display uses the FDC connector, he cannot.

Because FDC is simply ADC except it doesn't take power or USB from the computer (in essence making it DVI), my question it whether or not you can get a straight DVI to ADC adaptor.

I know Apple made one, however that integrated a power supply and USB connection.

Since the FDC connector doesn't utilise this, and ADC adaptors are ridiculously expensive on eBay, can I buy a simple cable with ADC on one end, and DVI on the other?

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)