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I have my new 2012 21.5" iMac. It's a top end one with fusion drive for ref. when I'm waking it from sleep I get a total white screen, with the time in digital in the top RH corner, and nothing.


First few times I had to hold down the power button to restart it. This time I shook the mouse and had the effect whereby it "colours/reveals" the screen when I move about, pixel by pixel if you understand?


By doing this I was able to see my login n,ae, clicked this and the screen went to my password ask screen, which was fine.


Bit worried on this as its a brand spanning new iMac. Is it just me or is my iMac (already) faulty? I'm sure I had it a few times on my old 2007 Alu iMac as well.


Any help?


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    Move the mouse or trackpad cursor over the center area of the login window so you can see the user icons. Click on the icon of the user that you would like to login as, type in the user's password, and press Return.

    If the login window is configured to show only the name and password fields, type in the user's name and password into the fields, and press Return (even if you cannot see the rest of the login window).

    Additional Information

    This issue will not occur if the display is not sleeping when the account is logged out. Use the steps below to confirm that the account is not configured to log out automatically while the display is sleeping:

        1.    Open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.  Click the padlock to unlock the preference pane and enter your admin password. Click the Advanced button at the bottom, then see if the option "Log out after N minutes of inactivity" (where N is the number of minutes) is enabled.

        2.    Open System Preferences > Energy Saver and configure Display Sleep to occur after the account is logged out, by dragging the slider to a number of minutes that is greater than N was set to in the previous step.

    Important: If automatic log out is not needed, disable "Log out after Nminutes of inactivity" in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. This will also prevent the issue.




    http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/TS4135/TS4135_01-osx _1072-login_window-001-en.png

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    Just to verify, but did you run the software updater when you got the system ?

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    Thanks that screenshot from Apple is exactly what I get. I have to "colour" in the screen to see my log on (we have 4), and click to the password screen which is fine.


    I'm a little disapointed I have to say that, all Apple say is to "get on woth it", and disable stuff. I dont want to disable stuff, as I have it to auto log off as it is a family computer with young kids, for us all to use. The options are there for this fucntion to work, so why have them there, if this is an issue?


    There was a EFI and WiFi firmware update today, specifying, wake from sleep, for my late 2012 iMac. I've done it so we will see what happens.



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    Yeah, agree the OS is going to pot, but let us know if it fixes it.

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    Since updating my EFI I havent had it...yet, not to say it will come back though. I'm having slow wake up speeds from sleep though I find...