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    My Mac Mini Server is brand new - also has Apple Care - so I suspect I can get all the support I want from Apple - but opening a ticket can be time consuming when they start contacting you.  It appears to be a bug more than anything so I thought that opening a bug report (which I have not done many of) would be quicker and simply alert Apple to the problem - but they have not responded or acknowledged the bug report - and I thought this was odd - so I added a comment to the bug report (yesterday) asking if anybody was looking into it.  Still no reponse.


    Make sure you click the "I have this question/problem too" link.  Somehow that increases the chance of Apple being alerted to it - as I am pretty sure that Apple does not regularly monitor this forum.

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    Apple has fixed this issue in the 2.2.1 version of Server App that just became available. IE9 Displays correctly now.

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