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Soundtrack pro 3 on Mountain Lion crashes when saving. I have a project with 22 tracks, 8gb RAM but nothing, it always crashes. SOlution, please?

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    Soundtrack Pro 3 was supported up to OSX 10.6.8 - It has not been supported under any version of OSX after that.


    Otherwise ....


    Did it ever work? If so, what changed?



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    If understand correctly, Soundtrack Pro is a PowerPC application. Support for these has gone away since Mountain Lion. When trying to reinstall from the install disk only the Apple Loops can be installed, the Soundtrack Pro application is marked "skip".

    Because I liked working in Soundtrack Pro the burning question remains: is there an adequate successor/replacement and if so within the Apple productions, at a generous upgrade price?

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    Soundtrack Pro was an intel program. The issue people run into with Mountain Lion is the FCS installer is PowerPC which requires Rosetta to run. Mountain Lion does not include Rosetta.


    One reason people get a "skip" is STP was not fully removed from the system.


    There is no direct equivilent to STP. Some people use Logic, but that's like using a baseball bat to swat a fly.



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    Thanks. That explains a lot, especially why reinstallation of STP fails in Mountain Lion.


    I have STP stil around, but I am afraid that in the cleaning up with FCSRemover (asked to keep STP and DVDSP though) for the installation of FCPX something critical got lost. Trying to run STP crashes with a Dyld Error Message:

    Library not loaded: /Library/Application Support/ProApps/*/ProFX.framework/Versions/A/ProFX

      Referenced from: /Applications/Final Cut Studio/Soundtrack Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Soundtrack Pro

      Reason: image not found

    Is it possible to retrieve (wherefrom) and reinstall this library? In such a way that FCPX is not harmed, of course.

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    When you remove both FCS and FCX using FCS REMOVER, make sure you reinstall FCS first, then do all your updates. After that process is complete - THEN reinstall FCX.