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It's a comment really. On my Macbook, the ical program has a "today" button. Very useful, especially if you can't remember the command "t" or can't be bothered with Menus. It works nicely, and is located at the top right of the page, White on white. So far so good. I also use the "today" button on my ipad. However the "today" button on the ipad is at the exact opposite corner of the screen, on the bottom left. And it's brown. So very brown. The iphone also has the handy "today" button, and amazingly it is placed on the bottom left of the screen, like the ipad. Is it Brown? No. It's Blue. So they all look different, with different colours, and have different screen locations on ios devices and on the macbook range. Why is it so? Can't they be a bit more consistent? I find myself searching for that wretched "today" button, eyes scanning up down, left right. Trying to remember where the **** thing is on the device i'm using. And don't even get me started on the utterly repellent torn page, poo brown, fake leather, hideous look of the ipad and osX interfaces. Yuk. A little more consistency, and a lot less skeumorphic design looks would be awesome. Anyone else fed up with this minor inconsistency?

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