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In using iPhotos Cards, I learnt that I needed to import Aperture Previews into iPhoto 11 to used them. That wasn't a size / storage concern as I was only making a few cards & only used a few images. I have been using Aperture almost exclusively since 2007, have 12k+ images there for my books & slideshows and closed off iPhoto (9.8k images) except for the occasional card, reprint of a book etc.


In making several 2013 calendars in iPhoto11, I would like to utilize many photos from various trips that are now completely in Aperture 3 - Italy, Oregon and other travels and the idea of importing several thousand & having in both libraries seems much but unable to see where I can share Aperture Preview images w/o importing.


Is that a correct assumption?



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    For a start you need to share details - what version of Aperature and of iPhoto?


    If you meet the minimum requirements you can open each library with the other program - which is the easiest solution - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5260?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US



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    Larry - thanks as I had NOT read that article. I have Aperture 3.4.3 and iPhoto '11 9.4.2 so I'm all set there. I had opened the libraries before in each application BUT misunderstood what could or couldn't be done in each application!


    So if I now understand it, I can switch & open my Aperture library in iPhoto (and vice versa also) , have access to the particular project of photos I wish to use in Calendar & Letterpress Cards, make these Calendars & Cards, buy & send off to Apple's Printed Services? Since I don't plan on doing any editing work in iPhoto for these photos, those iPhoto '11 created projects are only viewable there?