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I have tried installing, uninstalling, reinstalling iTunes multiple times. 


I download from: http://apple.com/itunes/download/  (Yes, it shows it being the 64 bit version)


Each time, iTunes either will not launch or locks up once it does.


I see in the notes on the page in the link above that my version of Windows (Windows 7 64bit) requires "iTunes 64-bit installer" yet I can NOT find the download for this "installer" anywhere.  Is it supposed to be imbedded/included in the iTunes download? 


Everytime I search Apple support for this, it just gives me another version of iTunes to download.


So I tried downloading an older 64 bit version of iTunes.  The problem there is, it tells me that I alrady have a newer version, after i already removed it,  that already exists, so it won't let me use this version.


PLEASE HELP!!!  My iPod classic is now nothing more than a paperweight! 

iTunes, Windows 7, Windows Home 64 bit