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Hello, my ipad mini that I bought a month ago was working fine when I first bought it. but now theres a problem with the sound. The thing is, at first i realised the game Sims sound was muted, although the volume is on, and then i figured the sound of messages, keyboard and mails etc was not working... i can listen to music and youtube works fine, today i realized that also at facebook app video sounds are muted. I beleive this is a operating system malfunction, what can i do to correct the problem... i am not sure but the problem may have started after the new ios update...

iPad, iOS 6.0.1, ipad mini
  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Have you turned on the "mute" feature?


    As shipped this is controlled by the side switch.

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    hi JimHdk,

    I solved the problem with a reply from another tread.


    from settings i choosed to use the side swithch for to lock/unlock rotation of the screen.

    and when i was doing that the swith was in mute mode. so i keeps it muted and i didnt know that this was the problem.  Now i set it back to sound setting mode and unmute the switch. everything works fine.


    I guess apple should put another switch to control this under settings/general/side switch.

    otherwise its so hard and confusing to figure that out while some apps have sound and some does not.

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    Try this. I changed my sound from stereo to mono. Go to: Settings - General - Accessibility - Hearing. The sound volume increased greatly. Lou