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Is there a solution for the limited time of videorecording?

By recording on my iPad2 there is a maximum time of 49 minutes and 51 seconds.

iPad 2, iOS 4
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    Two paths -


    One - use an alternative recording app (eg FILMiC Pro) that allows you to record at a lower frame rate and/or smaller image size. (Don't know if it supports iPad 2 on iOS4)


    Two - get an iPad with a larger storage capacity. If you need more space than what a 64GB model gives you, combine it with option 1. (FILMiC Pro is supported on an iPad3 running iOS 6)



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    Hello Studio X


    I have an iPad2 with 64 GB. After I start the videorecording it stops automaticly by 49 minutes en 51 seconds.

    I looked in my settings and there was still enough space left. Although I do not think that the 64Gb is not the problem.

    I bought myself an alternative recording app now. I hope it works properly but if the quality is OK. I do not know. I combine the recordings with my video (digitaltape) camera of Sony.


    Thanks for your reply