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I have problems connecting my ipad to my apple tv and itunes library.

With remote on my iphone i have no problem connecting with the library or apple tv.

I have the same internet connection as my iphone on my ipad. And the same credentials.

When I start remote on my ipad I dont see the apple tv. when i want to add a library. I get the 4 digit code on my ipad. I see my ipad on my itunes app. enter the 4 digits on my itunes library and nothings happens. I get verifying remote passcode message and after a while the connection is gone and nothing happens on my ipad. On my ipad I only see the message to turn on homesharing. But homesharing is already activated on my itunes and on my appleTV. Can anybody help what can be the problem I already reinstalled the remote app. I have the latest software on my itunes (10.7)

and on my ipad the latest software ios 6.0.1

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 6.0.1