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I can download music from iTunes store by 'gifting' pull down menu, but cannot download music by clicking on the BUY button. What is wrong ?.

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 3.06 Ghz intel Core 2 Duo, FCPro 7
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    I have the same problem... thanks for the idea to send a gift to myself. Something is blocking the "buy" button - even the free songs won't download.


    I have an older G5 - mac os 10.5.8.


    Updated itunes to 10.3 (latest my non-pentium pc can run) - same problem.

    Deleted preferences - same problem.



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      itunes gift card does not make payment before you receive my application can not handle supports, although apple could not figure out

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    Hi Digital Donkey,


    Thanks for responding;  always comforting to hear others are having a similar problem.


    Did your problem with the "Buy" button begin recently?


    It has been about a month ago that I successfully downloaded music; but within the last week this problem with an unresponsive BUY button began, for no apparent reason.


    I have an Intel 3.06Ghz Core 2 Duo, using OS 10.6.3 and iTunes 10.1.1


    The strange thing about this problem is that I can download music by "Gifting" the selection(s) to myself, but the cost is charged against my iTune MasterCard number, .......even though I have a positive credit balance in my iTunes account.


    If I download music selections using the same iTune account ID and PW but accessed with my iPad (ver 4.3.5), everything happens in a normal way, that is, the "BUY" button works fine and the charge is deducted from my iTunes balance.


    I should mention one other thing about using my iMac:  Everytime I clicked on the defective BUY button, which seemed inoperative and music selections never downloaded, a $1.00 pending charge showed up on my MasterCard account;  this is not good, although the pending charge disappears in a couple of days because the music never downloaded.


    I think my problem (and maybe yours) has something to do with the local iMac with its iTunes software, because using my iPad results in a normal operational download.  Should I upgrade to a later version of iTunes staying within the range of my OS 10.6.3  (don't want to move to Lion or Mountain Lion; I'll loose usage of my old software)


    I have "Reset Warnings" in the account pane of my iTunes account;  that didn't solve a thing.


    Please let me know if you have any thoughts or better luck than I.


    And to "gunel" who also responded to this post, ........not sure I understand your statement "apple could not figure out".  Please try again.




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    Hi Again, Digital Donkey,


    Wanted to give you an update.........not much to say because everything remains the same in spite of updating to iTunes 10.6.3 at recommendation of Apple tech whom I talked to today.  He said that once I update my iTunes software from 10.1.1 to 10.6.3 everything will be OK


    Well, it's NOT ........the BUY button is still broken.



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    I messed with Itunes for 2 hours, no luck. But then I just dragged the song I wanted to buy to my purchased list,and it worked!!

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    Check my reply below

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    The Ninja001,


    Thanks for responding.


    Would you be willing to provide a few more details relative to your sentence: ".....but then I just dragged the song I wanted to buy to my purchased list, and it worked". 


    I'm not sure what pane you are working in.  To see my purchased list, I have to enter the Account pane to view songs purchased, and if I do that, the music selections that I might want to buy are no longer visible.


    Do you mean that you clicked on the BUY button of a music selection, and then dragged the selection to the bottom of the same pane which lists "Explore", "Features" "Help", "Manage"   ?............and under "Features" there is a sub item "Purchased"...........is this 'purchased'  where you dragged the selection ?


    Also, what OS are you running, and what version of iTunes are you using?


    Thanks in advance,


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    I think I've figured out what The Ninja001 was talking about. I just went into iTunes, found the song I wanted, and clicked and dragged it (just click and holding over the name of the song works fine) to my Purchased playlist on the left sidebar, where all of my other playlists are. Then I went into the playlist, and there was a separate "buy" button by the song I had dragged there. I clicked that, and it seemed to download just fine. The song plays all the way through and works perfectly. The only weird thing is that it gave me two copies of the same song, but it only charged me for one copy. Also, when I play one of the two songs, the play count on the other song also goes up.


    Currently I am running OS X 10.6.3 with a 2.4GHz Intel Core i5, and iTunes 10.6.3.


    Hope this clarifies things a little!

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    Thank you Thank you..............glad you took the time to respond to my post.  Between you and Ninja the problem got solved.  And my credit balance was appropriately charged as well, instead of my Credit Card !!


    Now I should take the time to get back to Apple Technical Support with my case number and tell them how the problem got solved ......Thanks to you Guys.


    One of my own "cockpit" problems was that I couldn't simultaneously view the iTunes store pane and my Purchased list pane on the iTunes music sidebar, .......because I had checked the "Use Full Window for iTunes Store" on the VIEW pull down menu.  When I unchecked that option, I was then able to view what you and Ninja were seeing, and to where the "drag destination" was located.


    Thanks again,


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    Hi BoBo1, Digital Donkey, Ninja001 and Diceros -


    I'm relieved to find other people experiencing the same "buy" button problems as me. I successfully purchased a song by pressing "buy" about two weeks ago. Since then, "buy" has been unresponsive. I've combed through forum pages and tried resetting/deleting/recreating/reauthorizing multiple things, but nothing worked. I'm using OS X 10.4.11 and iTunes 9 -- kind of old. The drop and drag doesn't work for me, so for now, I'll be gifting to myself.


    - Mike

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    Folks, I have the same problem with a "BUY" button that does nothing.  Running OS 10.5.7 and iTunes 10.5.1.  Has anyone come to a solution?  Best regards,,,,

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    The drag to my 'purchased' area worked -- then do a search for that song - it poped up with a usable 'buy now' button and YES - THANK  YOU - it worked! 

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    I think Apple is trying to force everyone to upgrade to iTunes 11.


    Bet you all using iTunes 10.x


    iTunes 11 layout is HORRIBLE!!! Prefer iTunes 10 with QuickLook feature and lesser clicks to go back and fro.



    Email Eddie Cue and ask him to fix the issue.