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The_Dentist Level 1 Level 1

I received a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display today.  The model is MD212LL/A and according to , the production year is 2012 and the production week is 48.  I ran the "Image Persistance Test," for 5 minutes.  I noticed the alternating white and black blocks were "burned" into the screen.  I timed the occurence and the burn-ins went away after 9 minutes.  Also, I used a picture of the McDonald's yellow and red arch and left it on the screen for four minutes.  After 4 minutes, I exited the window and noticed image retention of the McDonald's arch.


I tried to find the manufacturer of the display using the Terminal command listed in the other threads.  However, I believe Apple has disabled this command or has changed it to something different.  Entering the command did not result in anything.


I am assuming I have a LG panel.  This is disappointing since my 15" MacBook Pro with retina display also had the same problem before Apple replaced it with a Samsung panel.  The display on the 13" also looks more yellow.  I have already setup an exchange.  I read that LG had recently won a large contract producing displays for Apple.  Does anybody know if the 13" MacBook Pro with retina display only comes with a LG display or is there hope for a Samsung display?





MacBook Pro with Retina display
  • JMAbeshaus Level 1 Level 1

    Although not a direct response to the question you asked, you may be able to find some useful information about image retention in this thread.

  • a brody Level 9 Level 9
    Classic Mac OS

    Since you received it today, I'd return it if you are unhappy with how the display performs and get another.  If you are still unhappy, don't use the chipmunk link, as it could be used to track what other products you own, and personal information about you that Apple has in their system.  Serial numbers should only be given to Apple directly in their own secure form, and not even on Apple Support Communities which is an open forum.  As for the burn-in, there should be no problem with LEDs.    Only early LCDs had burn in issues.   Some issues may have to do with the lighting you have in the room causing a bit of reflection on the glass and nothing to do with burn-in.   You may find after you use it a long time the retention dissipates.    LG has done just fine with many displays of Apple's for many years.   So you shouldn't expect LG to necessarily make worse displays than others.  They made displays for iMac G4.  They did have a boron spill in the factory back when the iMac G4 was first released, and that delayed its release.   Overall, I never had any trouble with the LCD itself, and it still functions today.

  • The_Dentist Level 1 Level 1

    Received a 13" replacement laptop and there's no image retention issues with this one.  I ran the image persistance test for 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and 25 minutes.  There were no burn-ins.  I am satisfied with the replacement.

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    Are there a large amount of people still having display problems on the rmbp 13" models?  I really want one of these but don't want to buy a problem.

  • TheMadMacMan Level 1 Level 1

    I briefly had the 13" Retina MBP and I loved the additional portability, but I have to say that the 13-inchers are very much underpowered! Even the highest end model does not come with a dedicated graphics card, nor does it come with anything other than a DUAL-core CPU. :-(


    I don't play games, nor do I do any graphics-intensive work, but the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics are still not fluid enough. The same is true for the dual-core i5/i7 CPU's vs. any of the 15" rMBP's quad-core i7's, and the two shortcomings combined will slow you down as soon as you do any serious multitasking.


    It's quite annoying when you realize that the 256GB SSD version of the 15" rMBP is only $200 more than the 256GB SSD version of the 13" rMBP! If you qualify for a military or educational discount, the difference between the two is only $100!


    Just something to think about. ;-/

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    You may have to tweak the command a bit to determine the panel manufacturer of the new rMBP 13".


    As seen on Quora:

    It is possible Apple intentionally removed the display model but sounds more likely that the format is different, if you run just "ioreg -lw0 | grep EDID" and convert the hex (stuff between < and >) with Convert Hexadecimal To String Online what do you get ?

  • kimmie92592 Level 1 Level 1

    You've helped me make the decision, I'm not getting a 13" rMBP.  I'll wait for the next round.  Maybe they can fix it.  Too much trouble for so much money.

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    I can report that having now the 15" and 13" rMBP computers both perform about the same loaded with Parallels and photoshop CS5. Nothing goes crazy or slow with the built in graphics of the 13" Both are a little laggy on - no difference. The 13" is perfect for my weekly travel needs. Also, with the new price (Grabbed a first gen 13" from BestBuy yesterday for $1,519) I am glad I waited to purchase that unit.

  • kimmie92592 Level 1 Level 1

    So on the 13" you're running Parallels and CS5 with no trouble?  Which 13" model did you get?  Which processor and how much memory?  No troubles?  Really?  Now I'm interested.

  • craigsipad2 Level 1 Level 1

    The 2.5GHZ I5 13" - It works well Kimmie. Most complainers on here dont even own the actual equipment. They just reduced the 13" 256GB to $1,599 - Bestbuy has it for $1,519! I snagged one yesterday. I am selling a 2 month old 15" rMBP 256GB 2.3 i7 with a cunstom hard shell case and custom neoprene case for 1850 shipped if someone is interested. I travel too much and need a smaller footprint for planes.

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    Wow that is a great price.  I'm glad it works so well.  I really want a 13" model, the 15" is too big.  I'm going to check it out.  So 2.5GHz with 256gb can do all that with no problem?  That's all I need.  Thanks Craig.  Post here in a week or two if you have any problems.  Thanks,


  • golfleep Level 1 Level 1

    @The_Dentist - Just wondering if you were still happy with your replacement, and whether or not any issues with IR have developed. I picked up a 13" rMBP a few days ago after the price drop, and can detect image retention fairly easily after a few minutes. Also, as others have noted, I can't determine the maker of the LCD panel in my display, the terminal commands that have been mentioned don't bring up any sort of information, so unlike with the 15" rMBP, I don't know if there's even a way that the 13" users can determine if there's an alternative panel out there that's free of IR (like the 15" Samsung panels)


    Anyone else have a 13" rMBP without IR issues, and does anyone know if there's Samsung panels being used in the 13" rMBP's?

  • kimmie92592 Level 1 Level 1

    That's a very good question. I'd really like to hear from others with the 13" models. Thanks.

  • golfleep Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, hopefully someone will chime in. I'm trying to decide what to do, as I bought online, and my options are probably somewhat more limited that a straight return. I otherwise absolutely love the display and the computer, but if Apple isn't going to address the IR issues in the near future and if there's no screen alternative for the 13" line, then I may have to try and see if I can exchange to the Macbook Air rather than holding off for a future refresh.

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