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Is it too much to ask someone to develop a way to upload *.cvs or *.xlsx format calendar files on iCloud web site?


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    How would that be possible? Neither of those are calendar formats. If you have some particular CSV or Excel documents with calendar information, you should be able to use Applescript and/or Automator to extract the data you want and put into into Calendar, which would move it into iCloud.

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    Yes they are. You can export Outlook calendars in *.vcf, *.vcs, *.ics, *.pst, *.csv and *.xlxs formats and then upload them to iCloud using Outlook sync utility. It works with windows 7 but not with Windows 8. What I was proposing was to have a way to upload comma separated values (*.cvs) files directly to iCloud calendar's settings. Hotmail has it, Gmail has it, Yahoo has it. I hate them all. All I like is iCloud but the feature is not there.

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    I am able to import *.xlsx through Outlook and update my iCloud Calendar. However, it does not overwrite my calendar and creates duplicates. If you take a look at Google's email, they have it on their calendar as import CSV files and it works. I don't want to use Google calendar, I want to stick with iCloud's calendar.

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    Below are step by steps to upload an Outlook calendar to iCloud:


    1. Using Outlook 2010, click File, select Import

    2. Select EXPORT to a file

    3. Select Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Comma Seperated Values (Windows)

    4. Select the Calendar to export from (this is the source calendar)

    5. Save the exported file as: Calendar.csv

    6. Export "Appointments" from folder: Calendar

    7. Export and create individual occurrences’ of appointments or tasks that occur between: range_date and range_date

    8. The utility will export your file

    9. Go back to File, Import, and NOW you will IMPORT the same file but now the DESTINATION will be iCloud

    10. Select Import from another program or file

    11. Select Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Comma Separated Values (Windows)

    12. Browse to the import file and select it

    13. Now, you can only use "Allow duplicates to be created" because the other two selections (Replace duplicates with items imported and Do not import duplicates items) will give you an error. In fact, "do not import duplicate items does not do anything.

    14. Click Next and now Select the iCloud Calendar

    15. Click Next and your calendar will be uploaded to iCloud. This will create duplicates and you will need to delete your calendar constantly.




    Note: What I was proposing is to have an import utility directly into iCloud.com calendar's settings.

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    esteban2800 wrote:


    Yes they are. You can export Outlook calendars in *.vcf, *.vcs, *.ics, *.pst, *.csv and *.xlxs formats and then upload them to iCloud using Outlook sync utility. It works with windows 7 but not with Windows 8. 

    What is the Outlook sync utility? Who makes it? That is who you should ask.

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    Microsoft Oultook has it embedded on their software and you can sync up contacts and calendars as long as you have the iCloud control panel installed.


    Open Outlook 2010, and go to File, Open, Import (you will see the import & export features)

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    Agree, but that is not what I was asking.



    I am looking for an alternative way just to upload *.cvs format files directly to iCloud's calendar.


    It can be done but it just needs to be designed by Apple Developers not Microsoft. Apple's iCloud is way too simple and there has to be more features added to make it useful.

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    You are just talking to other users here, not Apple. If you need Microsoft's tools to work in Windows 8, you will have to ask Microsoft. If you need something more from Apple, you can submit feedback or a bug/enhancement report.


    I don't think there is any way to integrate with iCloud's calendars except via Apple's software. On a Mac you can script various system services and import data into Calendar which will then go into iCloud. You should be able to do the same thing on Windows, but you would be interfacing with Outlook instead.