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Can someone develop a feature on iCloud to upload Calendar meetings from a *.xlxs or *.csv format? I wish there was an ability to upload a file and avoid all the syncing issues. Windows 8 & iCloud do not play nice. Anything that I sync up through Outlook does not get updated. If there was a feature where I can just upload my calendar, will be very nice.

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    Uploading data to iCloud works using third party tools but it is not efficient.

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    Below are step by steps to upload an Outlook calendar to iCloud:


    1. 1. Using Outlook 2010, click File, select Import
    2. 2. Select EXPORT to a file
    3. 3. Select Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Comma Seperated Values (Windows)
    4. 4. Select the Calendar to export from (this is the source calendar)
    5. 5. Save the exported file as: Calendar.csv
    6. 6. Export "Appointments" from folder: Calendar
    7. 7. Export and create individual occurrences’ of appointments or tasks that occur between: range_date and range_date
    8. 8. The utility will export your file
    9. 9. Go back to File, Import, and NOW you will IMPORT the same file but now the DESTINATION will be iCloud
    10. 10. Select Import from another program or file
    11. 11. Select Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Comma Separated Values (Windows)
    12. 12. Browse to the import file and select it
    13. 13. Now, you can only use "Allow duplicates to be created" because the other two selections (Replace duplicates with items imported and Do not import duplicates items) will give you an error. In fact, "do not import duplicate items does not do anything.
    14. 14. Click Next and now Select the iCloud Calendar
    15. 15. Click Next and your calendar will be uploaded to iCloud. This will create duplicates and you will need to delete your calendar constantly.




    Note: What I was proposing is to have an import utility directly into iCloud.com calendar's settings.