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I have 13" MacBook Pro 2.4 that came with Snow Leopard. I have found that it does not perform really well with Mountain Lion (although 8GB RAM and 7200rpm HD) so I decided to switch back to SL. I also own Parallels and it lets me use the ML download image to set up a new virtual os, which I can then use to run iBooks Author.


However, iBooks Author and iWork apps do not render in virtual ML. In the attached screenshots, you can see that the interface is there, but the content of the application is not showing up. Other applications like Safari perform just fine. So far, only iBA and iWork apps are affected.(Screenshots are from Parallels so they are of the virtual os)



I know this is a virtual ML issue cause I have ML on a separate partition that works just fine when booted into it. I am assuming this is a graphic card specific issue, where Parallels is unable to match the hardware graphics exactly.


I'd be happy to receive your comments and feedback to find a remedy to this situation, as I do not want to switch between partitions just to use iBooks Author.


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Parallels Desktop with ML, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)