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I have a late 2009 iMac running OSX 10.8.2.


I have used my headphones successfully many times but today when I plug them in the internal speakers stay on and the headphones do not work.  Also, in system perferences sound panel with Output selected, Headphones does not appear as an option.


I have just restarted the computer and the result is the same.  It seems to me that even if the jack is damaged that Headphones should still appear in the Output panel so I believe that this is some kind of software problem.

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    There are a couple thing you should try that will most likely resolve your issue. More than likely you have a short term hardware recognition issue. First try doing an SMC and PRAM reset.


    SMC Reset:

    Shut down computer > Pull power cord out of the back > hold the power button down for 15 seconds > reconnect and re-start machine


    This resets the system management controller which drains the capacitors and allows the power distribution for the logic board to be reset.


    PRAM Reset:

    Shut down computer > Hold down Command + Option + P + R > power  on computer > Continue holding down those 4 keys until you hear the startup chime 2-3 times.


    If this doen't work shoot me an email




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    Thanks for the reply, pkjok3r, I tried both suggestions but neither worked.


    Apparently the host removed your email address so hopefully we can pick this up back here since no one else seems to have any ideas.

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    Honestly I'm sorry to say that theres not much else you can do if that does not work. I would say you could take it to an apple store and have them check on it. If you're not under AppleCare I would just get a USB headphone jack, instead of paying apple's RIDICULOUS out of pocke repair rates.

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    I finally found a solution.  I found this thread.  Scroll down to mikehammon's post. 


    His solution is to plug in some iPhone headphones.  For whatever reason that fixes the problem and you can go back to your regular headphones and they will work!