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I am missing calls occassionally.  I have my iPhone 5 set to vibrate when in silent mode.  I turn the ringer off while I am at work so as to not disturb others.  I put the phone in my pants pocket.  Today I noticed that I missed a couple of calls while sitting at my desk.  So I did a test.  Phone out of my pocket - I called and it vibrated.  I put the phone in my pants pocket - I called - my iPhone never vibrated but did show that I missed a call.  I am running iOS 6.0.2.  This has been happening for a while but occasionally it will vibrate when a call comes in.  I am wondering if its the proximity sensor detecting my body while the phone is in my pocket.  Do I need to return this back to Apple for a new phone?

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    Check settings>sounds>vibrate on silent>on.

    If that is on, and problem persists, try turning it off and on again.

    If that doesnt fix it, i dont know what will. Try an apple store.

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    Thanks for your reply caleb.  As I stated in my orig post - I have the phone set to vibrate when in silent mode.  I had done as you suggested; turn the setting off then on.  I updated to iOS 6.0.2 last night so I know the phone had a hard reboot.  I was thinking I'll need to go to the Genius Bar - but I need to make sure I can duplicate it on command - so that I can demonstrate it to the Geniuses. 

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    I know its a little bit out of date, but it might can help in future questions:


    Settings > Sounds


    Scrool down to > Sounds and Vibration Patterns > Ringtone

    Scrool to the Top > Vibration and tap in any Standard Vibration



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    Thank you! Your instructions were very helpful!  

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    Welcome That's why we are a community to help everyone!

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    I have this issue, and cannot solve this problem.  Recently given a 5c (16GB) (iOS 7,1,1) to replace my 5.  Cannot get this phone to vibrate with incoming calls in silent mode or in regular mode.  I've turned vibration on/off, changed the type of vibration, and played with every setting for vibrations I can find. But it doesn't seem to work. 


    No apple store nearby to help. anthying I am missing?

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    you need to get to an Apple store, I had same problem I thoiught it was softwear problem, it turned out to be hardwear problem and i had it fixed while waiting at apple store good luck.

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    This resolved my issue! Thanks for posting!