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Hi Folks,


Im having abit of an issue here after imaging 20 MacBooks (mostly 4,1 with some 3,1).  I used Deploy Studio to image the cart of 25 machines. The wokflow has each machine binding to OD and AD. The issue is the MacBooks are not showing up in WGM so i can apply the MCX settings. Only two have shown up so far and these are both the MacBook3,1.



I used the same image two weeks ago on 25 2009 MBP. This worked perfectly. All MBP showed up in WGM right away.MCX settings were applied and all is good.




When i imaged the Macbook cart i found the Ethernet and Aiport names had switched around so the Login Window Profile would not work as it was attached to the Ethernet adaptor. I had to go into each Macbook delete both the Ethernet and AirPort Interfaces, recreate them and add the 802.1x (Login Profile ot the AirPort) to each MacBook. We use Login Profiles so students are forced to user their own AD accounts and authenticates to our wifi at the same time.


I think the the only two MacBooks which did not have this issue were the 2 MacBook3,1, these are also the same two which showed up in WGM right away.


When trying to manually the MacBook's to WGM, WGM said there was a machine with that IP or MAC address already added. The thing is i cant see it anywhere. Im even plugged into the same subnet as the workstations and i cant see them.


I am wondering if there is any hardware related issues with the MacBook4,1 which are causing the issue. Also, i wonder because i had to delete around the Ethernet and Airport Adaptors if this caused the issue. Yet I dont know how to fix it.

Is there a hidden file or Databse i can find the Hostnames and delete them, then re add them?



Inspector is turned on.

I have disjoined and rejoined the MacBooks (a sample) to OD and another OD at another campus

Tried to manually add the cleints


Manually added the MCX settings, but they are wiped out each time i log out and back in again.

Tried accesing WGM from different OSX servers and OSs, 10.6, 10.8.


Any help would be appreciated.




MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Bound to OSX Server 106.8 with WGM