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Hi all,


I'm hoping this scenario may sound familiar to someone.


I've been working on a large Motion project for a couple of weeks and now it's starting to creak.  On opening the file random layers or folders of layers are missing and replaced by grey namesless entries. These missing layers are different each time I open the project. So far so bad.




The worst bit is that dragging any normal layer or layer group in the Timeline to any new position causes Motion to crash.  Using the layers tab method to move layers around doesn't cause Motion to crash but on saving the file corrupts it and attempting to reopen it causes Motion to crash without displaying it at all.


I was using Motion 5.0.5, but on reading that Motion 5.0.6 "Fixes an issue with Image Units being removed when you saved a project" I installed it to now find that since that day this error has got a lot worse.


The same problem happened about a week ago but this time I also couldn't drag assets onto the screen without Motion crashing. This made me have to return to an earlier version of the file in order to get drag-and-drop working again. Since then I've created hourly paranoid backups. Motion has just crashed again (after not closing Motion for a week) and I've discovered that every backup file seems to contain this inability to move layers without crashing.


Guess who's project is supposed to due tomorrow.  Does this sound familiar to anyone? 


Fingers crossed




- I'm running OS 10.7.5 on an Intel core i7. 

- FCP 7.0.3 which I'm not linking to. 

- I've deleted Motion prefs several times, no difference.

- I've not re-installed Motion yet as I'm in the country with a pre-2000 internet connection so downloading it will be a long drawn out affair

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    Yes! I am experiencing the same thing! Its driving me crazy. Any fixes out there??

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    I didn't find any fixes but the one workaround I did was to keep re-opening my project until it looked like all the layers were present and then to split the project timeline into two smaller chunks.  This allowed me to actually continue drag-and-dropping content as per normal, which made me think this could have been some kind of memory issue.


    One downside is that I had to join the pieces together and encode using FCP which added an extra process.


    Regarding the dissappearing layers, I had a feeling that it started happening if I directly edited and re-saved PNG content in Photoshop while it was linked and open in the Motion timeline. I enjoyed watching the live 'flick' of the graphic updating but now I'm too worried to do that.


    Hope this helps alleviate some crazy.

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    Yeah, i usually split my projects into smaller chunks and assemble them in Final Cut anyways. It still acts up though, just wondering if its a software bug or my system.