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I purchased Aperture a few weeks ago, and it was working with no problem. but as I transferred all my pictures from IPhoto to Aperture my problems started, it said my data was corrupted, it made duplicate and triplicate of my photo's  It loaded the hard drive slowed my computer to a crawl to suck that I removed all my pictures, and reinstalled Aperture and my photo's Well the same thing happened. Iphoto works with no problem but as soon as I move to Aperture all **** breaks loose.


I think this is a piece of garbage. I would like to get my money back.


Any ideas?


Is it junk, or is it just a bad program?





Jim Wecht

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Are you importing your iPhoto library into Aperture or just opening your iPhoto library with Aperture?

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    I first imported the iPhoto library into Aperture, and I was able to make a book almost completed, as well as make a slide show. But during the process the program crashed numerous times.  During the repair process, it made duplicate and triplicate photo's. So many that it just slowed my computer to a standstill.  I have all my photo's on a standalone hard drive.

    I really like the program just frustrated. I purchased the Aperture 3 second edition book because I had such good luck with the iLife book apple training Series


    Thank you for the response

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    You should try opening the iPhoto library with Aperture as opposed to importing the library. Would you let us know if you encounter the same problems if you simply open the iPhoto library.

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    Hi Jim,


    If it's not too late, I suggest trashing your Aperture Library and repairing your iPhoto Library from iPhoto:




    Then, assuming you have the most recent version of iPhoto and Aperture, _open_ your Library in Aperture and see if your problems recur.




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    I updated thumbnails, after removing aperture from my computer.  Now I have duplicate photo's and even triplicate photo's in my ipad library. I am going to remove all pictured from the computer and start over again. It appears when I use aperture it corrupts files, makes duplicate projects, and always crashes.  I also noted that I do not have to rotate photo's any more, they rotate automatically.  Is this the update?


    Sometimes new and improved is not always good.


    Thank you for any help


    I will not do anything until I get your response. if you think removing all the pictures and redownloading the pictures will help..Just sorry I lost all the work making the photo book, Apple lost about $100.00 and also lost the slide show.  4 weeks of work

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    Well I did as you said, and I reinstalled Aperture. Now every time I start slide show it crashes when it trys to download maps


    It also finds inconsistancies to data base which I have repaired numerous times.


    I am at wits end.  Sound like a glitch in the program.


    So much promise, but too many dissapointments...


    Any suggestions?





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    just a hunch: Does your iPhoto Library contain smart albums? and do you use "Keep Projects & albums arranged by date"?


    Then lagging and crashes may be caused by smart albums in your iPhoto Library. I would take the precaution to recreate any iPhoto smart albums in Aperture and delete the iPhoto originals - I hope, you have not too many of them.

    See this post: Aperture 3.3.2 unresponsive if library contains old iPhoto albums - solution




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    I have smart albums by date in iPhoto and they were transfered over to Aperture. When I lost all my work and data (photo's) They were still on chips.  I reloaded only the vacation (by the way the vacation was a Rhine River Cruise) I reserched all the locations of the Bergs and towns.  What work than when I went to make a slideshow using the Places It crashes.  If I remove the albums from iphoto do I have to remove the albums from Aperture as well?  Can I save them some where?  I have all the locations and info on the Albums in Aperture.  Will wait for your answer before I do anything?


    Thank you for your help.


    I am very frustrated.


    Jim Wecht

    Blue Point NY

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    You said, that you imported the iPhoto library into Aperture, so deleting albums in iPhoto will not help.

    If indeed the smart albums imported from iPhoto are the culprit, the need to be deleted from the Aperture Library and recreated. Deleting the smart album will not delete the imported images, you only will have to recreate the smart settings in the smart setting HUD.


    But before you sacrifice your albums, check, if you see the same symptoms as Alex Brown posted:

    Error messages in the Console Window with texts like this:

    8/6/12 6:22:32.589 PM Aperture: [<RKAlbum 0x1240e7a20> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key minImageDate.

    You can launch the Console window from the Applications > Utilities folder, before you start Aperture and have a look.