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Ringtone Maker was a great app to use for ringtones on iTunes, however, after the iTunes update a few days ago it doesn't work.  Anyone know where there is another app or a way you can make ringtones from your iTunes Library?  I don't know where else to look because most of the videos on youtube are from before the upgrade.


Thanks in advance.

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    I figured it out! It still works, just have to do a different way!

    1. Connect your iphone to your computer
    2. You still have to save the files to your computer.
    3. Save the files to your iTunes ON YOUR COMPUTER
    4. Open "Tones" on our computer iTunes
    5. Select the ringtones you want
    6. *drag the songs a little to the right
      1. a bar on the right should open up
    7. *drop the songs to you device


    (Just updated to IOS 7, took me a while to figure how to get my ringtones back)