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i was trying to access the dropdown menu on the usps.com site.

i was checking shipping costs. it would not let me select another country, just stayed on the US link.

i cleared the cache/cookies... still no luck.

tried it on my macbook pro and it was fine.


i also had similar problems on my imac but not macbook pro.

couldn't log into itunes on imac, but could on other devices.

i'd enter my password but it continously asked me for it.

the problem mysteriously resolved on its own.

also, a wordpress.com issue on my imac (no visual editor and wp

support said to hit cmd-r, but that didn't work, nor did the other suggestions)

same problem in other browsers. it somehow fixed itself. ??

i did not have that problem on my macbook pro.


so i believe the problem is with the imac vs the browser.

i just have no idea where to even look to solve this.


imac mid-2007.

current version of chrome.


my laptop is still on snow leopard, have not upgraded... current version

of chrome and working perfectly.


thanks in advance!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)