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My original question was deleted - I do not know why ... maybe I did use to much uppercase letters in the headline ? Here it is again:


I know there are a lot of discussions around. But to be honest: I really do not want to read them. I remember some sentence of Steve Jobs: "It is just working" - and that is what I am expecting of my iPhone ....


I own an iPhone 4S. It is now about a 1.5 years old and what I learned from apple is that most of your hardware just simply works over the time (my iMac is now 6 years old, a little bit slow, BUT: "It still works"!!). I just updated to iOS6 and ... Unfortunately I have to say: My iPhone does NOT work (as expected!) !!!


I do not do very much with the phone: I read some emails (Push is on), I read some tweets (but the app is basically of), sometimes Facebook, but this is normally also of. Not much phone calls (<=5 a day). What I really do is playing songs from it for 0.5h in the train .. nothing much more. Ok, the basic featurs are turned on: WLAN (but there is no one around me), Bluetooth (again, nothing around me - but when I step into my car I want my iPhone to connect to the Cars telephon - I do not want to turn on BT explicitely), iCloud Support: Yes please! It turned it on, but I do not take any photos during the day, so there is not much of sychronizing .... And by the way: I do not play any games, esp. not any graphic near ones ...


So what do I expect? Well, it should work the whole day....


What does is do? It is DRAINING battery energy: I do not do anything but after one hour is lost5% of energy for nothing. When I step back into the train after a working day of 8 hours and with nothing done extraordenary I only have 20-15% of the battery... and it continues draining!!!!


It is even worse: Sometimes my provider sends me an SMS telling me that I use more than the expected maximum of data in my "flatrate" and now my access is cut. But why and what application did require this ammount of data access they cannot tell me - they are ven not allowed to do by law (they would have to scan my intenet usage ..)


I know there are much questions like this arround and there are even more answers to this ... and some of them might help me...

But do be honest: I do not want to read them nor do I want to try to fix this on my iPhone myself (this remembers me too much to the old Windows days ....).

I only can repeat myself: What I expect is: It should simply work....



As I am also working in the IT I know this is a difficult expectation - there are so many iPhone installations around and you cannot try to help everybody with its special problem....


===>> BUT:


Whould it be so difficult to develop a tool that tells me which process keeps on running and how much of the telephones ressources it uses?

I could think about I nice warning message (popup window) saying: "Your FB app keeps up running for 2 hours and used 20% of your battery. Would you like to cancel the app?" ... THIS is something I would really expect from my iPhone (if it cannot control the resource usage in the background itself).



I just heard from a friend that he stopped using his iPhone because the battery is draining.... Why can't you deal with these issues or provide proper help??



Ok, now I finish with the problems ... Have a nice Xmas in the US!!!



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    Here's an article about how to constrain your cellular data use:



    ... and here's one about conserving your iPhone's battery:



    Hopefully these will get you on the right path to maximize your enjoyment of your iPhone.

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    Eh... Nope... You don't get it. He is not talking about "enhancing performance". He is talking about making this thing WORK!


    Alcazzar: I'm with You on this. I have the same thing. My iPhone 4S is 1.5 years old. I'm the second owner. The first guy sold it to me saying he doesn't like the battery life. So I'm like - no problem, I'm a battery saver so no biggie for me. I don't keep data channels on so it will last a few days before recharging with me... It didn't...


    I don't know if it is because of the 6.0.1, but I have tried almost everything so probably yeah. This phone is so full of EPIC FAIL right now that I'm losing my last nerves here. So here is the situation:


    - WiFi - OFF

    - BT - OFF

    - Local. - OFF

    - 3G - OFF

    - Push - OFF

    - Siri - OFF

    - iCloud - OFF

    - every other blasted function and application in the background - OFF


    ...and the phone eats away 4-5% of the battery per hour on stand-by. *double facepalm*

    It lasts only a day and needs to be put on charge each and every night. If I'm using it NORMALLY (that is having 3G on, WiFi on, checking mail, facebook, playing some games) I have a feeling of a death clock in the upper right corner - it goes constantly 90... 89... 88... 87... in matter of minutes. THIS IS IDIOTIC! This is my work phone. For my private phone I have a Galaxy SIII (yeah, I like smartphones) and you want to know how much battery he eats? 10% per day on standby!!! That is how I expect it to work! I don't mind losing power when the phone is actually doing something. But 5% on STAND-BY with screen off?!?!?!


    I have tried almost everything - hard resets, DFU restore, normal restore, settings reset, shutting down notifications. Seriously everything I could find on anykind of forum. And I'm done... Just done... I'm breaking this thing open and replacing the battery next week, but I doubt it will help since people keep saying this is a 6.0.1 issue. I hope Apple does something with this because this is a joke. This is not Android and simple users can't really get inside this thing and see diagnostics. They can't really get help from other users who can only point them towards Apple manuals (yeah, thanks... like we didn't try that already...) or give there own tech-voodoo advice on how to solve this problem, because noone really can get deeper into this thing.


    This is depressing. Apple do something about this, please.

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    yes indeed I find it annoying... But to point it out: Either the iOS is able to deal with this problem or I want to have some tool that helps me finding the problem. That it is what I am looking for ...