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I purchased Aperture a couple of years ago and have been getting updates through the App Store on my new iMac. However, when I access the App Store from my MacBook Pro, it does not show up there, so I cannot install it. How do I get Aperture to appear in my App Store?

iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    What version of Mac OS X do you have installed on your MacBook Pro?

    The App Store will only show the most recent Aperture release, AP 3.4.3, requiring Mac OS X 10.7.5 or later.


    Also, you probably want to install the version you already bought, and not buy Aperture 3 again for your MBP. So you will need to install Aperture on your MPB using the original installation DVD, that you bought, or the disk image you downloaded, together with your registration number. Or did you by from the AppStore? Then you need to sign into the store with the Apple ID you used originally to buy Aperture.

    This support article explains how to install/reinstall Aperture, depending on the way you originally bought it: Aperture 3.4: May quit unexpectedly on launch after updating




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    I originally purchased from the App Store, so do not have the original DVD. And, the App Store does not let me see Aperture on the MBP. I am not running 10.7.5.

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    Lets start with the OS running on the MBP, what its it?


    I originally purchased from the App Store, so do not have the original DVD

    If you bought from the MAS then of course there is no DVD.


    Now when you go to the MAS from the MBP are you login in using the same Apple ID you used when you bought Aperture?


    A thought just occurred, when you say you bought from the App Store are you talking about the Mac App Store that you get to via the App Store application or are you referring to the on-line Apple store that you access via the browser?

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    I am not running 10.7.5.

    Yes, but what is it? Newer or older than 10.7.5? This is essential to find out, if you can install the version sold at the appStore on your MBP. If you are running an earlier version of Mac OS X on your MBP, you cannot download Aperture from the Mac App Store (MAS) to your MBP, because at least 10.7.5 is required.

    Again my question - where exactly did you download from, if you are running a downloaded version of Aperture:

    • From the Mac App Store (MAS),
    • or from the earlier Apple Store?


    • If you downloaded from the Apple Store, you should have received a serial number. Then you can download an Aperture installer (the Trial version) online from Aperture 3.1 Trial and unlock it with your serial number. You can see the serial number, if your Aperture version has one, in the about panel. Select the menu entry "Aperture > About Aperture". If you see a serial number, you bought from the Apple Store, and you can download an installer here:

          Aperture 3.1 Trial
         This will accept the serial number you see on your iMac, if that version has a serial number.


    If you downloaded from the App Store, you cannot install the version you purchased, unless you are running 10.7.5 or later on your MBP.




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    I just downloaded and installed 10.8.2 on the MBP. Still do not see Aperture in the App Store. I bought Aperture from the earlier Apple Store online and do not have a DVD/CD.

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    Ok if you bought from the Apple Store and not the App Store then this is correct. The license from the Aperture you downloaded does not transfer to the App Store so you will not see it there.


    In that case use the link Léonie supplied above Aperture 3.1 Trial .


    Once you load and install Aperture from there you will need to authorize it with with the serial number you have and then run software update to get to the current release.

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    Exactly how do you run the software update? I installed the trial, entered my serial number, but I do not see an option for updating to the latest version.


    NEVER MIND, I found it in the App Store! Thanks!