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is there a way to find out if your macbook pro model has been recalled, perhaps something like a website where you can input your serial number?  i have a late 2008 model that has been maintained immaculately, i brought it to have the diagnostics checked before apple care expired and it came up as functioning 100%, but it has mysteriously started to show odd hardware malfunctions in the past few days - just before i posted to this forum i started it up and after the apple startup chime the monitor turned on and the picture was scrambled like an older television not connected to a signal. other times it will randomly make an almost inaudible snapping sound from the speakers and i am not positive but it sounds like the harddrive is louder when it is running.


wanted to check this route before i consider upgrading to a new model - even though this one is 4 years old it still runs just as fast and smoothly as the ones i have tried out in the store.



OS X Mountain Lion