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Tell me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that the "Up next" feature makes a mess out of controlling what the heck is played through the Apple TV using the iOS remote app.  The whole thing seem uber-anti-intuitive.  I am a long time user (as much and anyone is long time for any of this stuff) of the iOS remote app, and ATV to play music though a stereo system.  Up to a couple of weeks ago, I could sit in my chair, start the iPhone remote app, pick a playlist and either start from the beginning, or if the first track didn't grab me at that moment, go ahead and switch to, say, track 6 -- the whole playlist would "sit there" and be available for further browsing.  With the new system, if I hit a playlist the songs will go into "Up Next".  If as I described in the last sentence, the first song is not getting it for me, and I switch to track 6 , the "Up Next" list is lopped off and only tracks 7 onward will be shown.  I can't go back and browse the first 5 tracks (6 actually) -- they're vaporized.  The idea of browsing your own music has been killed; I guess this "Up Next" concept is for folks who like maybe a couple of dozen songs that are picked from different places and want to play them in different orders of something -- it just seems like a crummy idea.  If under the scenario I described I want to go back and play that first (or second through fifth) song on the original playlist, I have to go out and fish it out of the library somehow and just keep messing around and around.  There have been times when I didn't know what the heck was going to come out of the speakers.  It seems like the remote user has not been considered in the "dramatically improved" iTunes 11", with the "cleaner user interface" .  To me it is "dramatically akin to dog-doo", which, of course is not cleaner than much of anything.  If I can't get this working decently, then I'm really thinking of investigating some other type of system like DLNA.  Any suggestions?