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iTunes offers "worldwide" selling of books.

After investing some money for proper translations of iba-books from German to English, I noticed that interantional selling seems more ore less a theorical option. Since the titles are simply not listed in the search results, except someboy types EXACTLY the title. Let's say the titel is "The true Africa" the book will not be found searching für "Africa". The sam with BISAC categories.

Therefore the seliingcurrently  is something like 1 or 2 books per month. It would need probably 20 years to redeem only the costs of translation. Actually I feel emberassed to notice it now, after months...

Is it like that? Books from other markets are a kind of blocked?

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    I have not seen any other posts making this complaint.  Is that a real book title?  I can't seem to find it either way.  If not, could you provide a real title for testing?

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    The search results are quite restrictively selected, that is what I realise myself. But When buying / downloading books, your book is going to be recomended by 'similar books' or 'other users bought' recomendations. What we learn out of helpful books like 'diary of a newbie e-book author' is that most authors are not (yet) polular as JK Rowling and EL James. You have to work on your advertisement very hard to get back your money you have invested.

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    Hello Tom,

    I waited to get feedback about the issue from iTunes, but I did not get a response. Sorry for delay answering your question, but I waited for a while...


    The book has the Bisac category "Europe" and the title "Declaration of love to Europe".

    But it is not listed in the search result of "europe" at all.

    Even if there are hundreds of books, many of them quite far away from the topic "Europe". This looks like being ranked on the lowest level by iTunes, keeping it out of sight of customers. I have this problem only with english books, in other stores than my "home"-store. Is it a kind of protection for the US.market?

    Since  all my books are produced with Iba, and for iTunes only, this is quite frustrating.

    "...Europe" is a picture book, made with love and professional photos, not a big book, but ceratainly a nice booklet or magazine, with a very reasonable price (4,99$). And there are more books withe the same problem, even more elaborate ones.

    Now I did set the price to zero. Actually I try to take it out completely form the paid store, and republish it in the free section.