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I was checking my server from one of those web sites that supposedly check if everything is OK with it and I got a report that my server didn't accept emails to postmaster@domain.tld and abuse@domain.tld (where domain.tld is my domain). So I tried to find how to fix that without success. Or ... shall I put it in a different way, with partial success.


If I run the test now, it reports that my server does accept emails to postmaster and abuse, but I do not get that email. I would like to receive the email for postmaster and abuse in my admin email (admin@domain.tld), but no matter what I tried, I can't do it. Here are some of the things I tried:


In /etc/postfix:


I edited /etc/postfix/aliases to :


postmaster: admin




abuse:      admin


Run newaliases and postfix reload. No good.


Did the same changes in /Library/Server/Mail/postfix/Cconfig/aliases. No good.


I also tried adding the postmaster alias and the abuse alias in the admin account, in Server.app/Users. Still no good.


And by "no good" I mean that whatever I've tried, emails send to either of these names ends up in root@mail.domain.tld (mail.domain.tld is my mail server FQDN) and from there to /dev/null


Has anyone managed to solve this issue?

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    Never mind this, I solved it. The aliases file used by postfix, is for some reason, located in /etc not in /etc/postfix. I edited that and all is well.


    Of course the question remains why didn't the chance in Server.app/Users didn't work, but that's something for Apple to figure.