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I'm trying to dl Motion 5.05 . I have done it several times and it always hangs on installation at 1 minute. Sometimes it hangs around 4 minutes. And it crashes my whole computer. Every time. I've done this about 5 times, making sure more files are moved.


I've removed all my fcp folders, library, and prefs. I am so frustrated and fed up. What other options do I have? Is there a way to download the file and do the installation separately? How does it dl the whole file, crash during installation, but this 1GB file is nowhere on my computer?




g5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    First Motion is now at 5.0.6  Have you tried following these instructions:




    The steps covered in the apple knowledge base seem to match up with what many have reported as successful steps for updating Motion.

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    if your specs are correct,

    G5, MacOSX.04.11


    you have no access to Appstore - so, how/where do you try to download???


    plus, 10.06.8 is minimum .....

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    Thank you for responding. That is part of my frustration. I have done absolutely everything all these posts have said, and it still doesn't work for me.


    The only thing I'm not doing is putting the app in the Trash. Especially since I am having so much problem with this, if I do that and it still doesn't work, then I'm really in trouble. But I have moved all FCP files, libraries, and prefs to another folder.


    I've already looked at the link you sent me. As usual (for Apple "help"), it's not a good reference. It doesn't even come close to my issue, or actually this issue as a whole. I'm not having the problem of it not showing up in the App Store list of updates. That is the only issue that link addresses.


    I've looked all over the Knowledge base, and while I see lots of people with the issue, and a few getting it resolved, there is no "do this and it's a guaranteed fix" post.


    It still shouldn't be this hard. Even if it's not going to work, it shouldn't crash my computer.


    Other ideas?


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    Sorry. Don't know what specs I've shown, but I have 10.8.6 and I know it's 5.0.6. I just forgot at the moment I typed the message. I get to App Store just fine (like my post says). Guess I checked a wrong box for the post.


    I'm fully compliant with all the requirements. I even checked my graphics card. I have an iMac Intel Core i7, 12gb memory.



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    Wow! I really did check the wrong box!!

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    I still think it would be worth a try, especially since you did not actually fully delete the app.  2 things to consider:


    -Notice it includes a link for instructions to create a backup.



    I've actually done backups of Motion using this process.  Worse case, you could just restore the backup copy by putting it back in your Applications folder.


    -The empying the trash in bold. Seems like that is an important step (IMO).


    Like I said, it might be worth following and then let people know if it fails or succeeds.