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iOS 6.02 iPhone 5


While trying to activate my iMessage, only my primary and secondary e-mail id's show up and my phone number does not show up underneath iMessage. Is there anyone else who is facing this problem.


I did try resetting my iPhone and also tried hard resettting, nothing seems to work. Restoring the iphone from itunes also didn't help. I did also speak to the apple care executives over the phone and they did diagnoise and found no solution though. However when I took the iPhone to the apple service center in Bangalore - strangely they neither had a iPhone 5 of their own nor the nano sim to test whether the problem persisted in my iPhone or was it the carrier.


Trust me all of those things that are mentioned in other threads of 'adding a test contact with your number' or 'directing to your name in the contacts from siri/contacts' do not work. I've tried all of those.


Later, when I tried my friends sim who is also on the same carrier as mine - it just worked and was activated within 40 secs.


I've now got an replacement sim from the provider citing this may be a sim issue. Now, my number does not show up under settings>phone. I know this can be entered manually but the apple executive suggested that this is picked up by the phone from the sim after a reboot.


It boils down to the fact that this either is a issue at apple's server or the carrier technincal settings (for which the Vodafone India team is absolutely clueless).


Did anyone else have this problem or do you have a work around other that porting it to different service provider? Please do let me know,



iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I just received an update from the Apple Customer Care that the Vodafone India servers are having some problem and they are addressing the same. This should take a day or two is what I've been told.


    Vodafone India team(customer care & the stores) have no clue about this and do not even know about iPhone. I gesss apart from the service, the customer support is pathetic and also so called the executives don't even understand themselves what they say!

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    Hi! I m having exactly the same issues and was given the same reply from apple India. Well do let me know if u find any solution.


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    Btw Which carrier are you with? Phone and OS?

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    Vodafone Mumbai,

    Iphone 5


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    Try this,


    Turn off both iMessage and Factime > Enable airplane mode > turn on Wifi > turn iMessage on and then enter the apple Id and password. Now the number should not show still. Turn off iMessage again and enable the network (turn off airplane mode)


    You will now be prompted for the carrier sms beimg sent > cancel and don't send it. Now again enable the airplane mode and turn the wifi on. Goto iMessage and turn on > now the number shows up. Now enable the network and at this time accept the sms that is promted. this should enable (tick) the number being shown within a minute or so.


    Cheers and let me know how it goes.


    Trust me, all other things that are viral over the internet are not working. At the same time I'm not claiming that this is the only go. This did work for the other friend who was facing the same problem.

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    Well my imessage and facetime both have started working. Didnot had to do any of the above steps. Just toogled imessage on/ off once and it was fine. Even my brother was facing the same issue few days back and now evn his imessage is working fine. I think may be apple or vodafone must have fixed this.

    Anywayz thanx.

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    Same problem, iphone 5 ios 6.0.2, iMessage was working fine until i changed my phone number, now it seems to be unable to recognize my new number... works fine with the apple id

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    Orange, Dominican Republic btw

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    Still the same response from Apple.  Vodafone Mumbai is clueless on this.


    My wife's iphone was working fine on imessage with her phone number verified along with email ID's before she left the country.  When she got back and swapped in her local Vodafone sim, it wouldn't verify the phone number.  I swapped her sim in my iPhone 4S and still nothing.  When I put my sim back, same issue! iMessage works on all emails but no phone number. 


    Spoke to Applecare India this morning and they said all new imessage registrations countrywide are not working for phone numbers and that their engineers are in talks with Vodafone to resolve this.  Looks like it has been going on for over three weeks now!

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    man I dont know whats wrong with Vodafone India.I had an old hutch sim card which I had cut & was working fine with facetime & imessage only thing was it felt as if it was moving inside as I had cut it a bit smaller than required so one day I just decided to get the micro sim from them unaware that I was gonna lose facetime & imessage.Even the micro sim they gave me looks cheap as its plain white with no sort of branding or vodafone logo on it.Now im confused with what the problem is is it the sim or vodafone or apple coz I know people like me who are using a factory unlocked iphone 4S with vodafone & their facetime and imessage are working both with apple id as well as with the number showing up unlike me where I cant even get the phone number to show up under facetime & imessage.My phone number shows up correctly under settings>phone>my number & I can even edit it but nothing under facetime & imessage.Dont know when & how this will be fixed tried almost everything.I just hope that vodafone india doesnt charge me for all the international sms for the facetime imessage activation attempts which never worked coz that will be the cherry on the cake :{

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    Had the same problem. iPhone 5, iOS 6.02, carrier- Vodafone Mumbai. FaceTime and iMessage were stuck on waiting for activation. Being a hardcore apple user, i tried every trick in the book, including all mentioned in this thread. Nothing worked. Had a long chat with apple support and they advised to change the sim. Even that trick failed. Finally I concluded this problem is related either to apple server or the Vodafone server, and I could do nothing much to solve this. I was right. Today, couple of hours back, after 5 days of tiresome trials and errors, iMessage and FaceTime have started working perfectly on their own. I suggest, don't waste your time and energy on something you can't resolve. Wait patiently, once apple and the service provider get their act together, problem will be solved. Good luck to all.

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    one addition - imessage or facetime won't activate if you have a microcell.  turn your microcell off and then activate.  that was the missing piece for me.

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    i have been beating my head for the last two days and being a harcore core apple user for 11 years and i see its the stupid vodafone india thats sucking here. Tried everything and did almost all the tricks. I guess we have to wait.

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    Ask Vodafone guys to reset your GPRS settings and then activate it. This has worked for couple of them.

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