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Since the numerous changes with how iOS handles calendars after iOS6, I have had some trouble with getting my Google Calendar to sync properly with the calendar on my iPhone. I had it set up via Exchange on iOS5, but after iOS6 came out I was unable to edit events properly and there were duplicating issues and such. I now have my calendars set up via the Gmail option, which works great for everything except I cannot manually edit colors at all. It looks like they tried to make it so colors sync automatically from Google, but the problem is that they aren't syncing CORRECTLY. For example, I previously had one of my calendars (not subscribed; it's mine) in green, and I changed it to blue in Google Calendar. No matter how many times I removed it/deleted and re-added the account on my phone/restarted my phone/closed and reopened the calendar app/added and removed the calendars from Google's mobile sync page, the colors won't update to what they are now.


Any idea how to get the colors to sync properly on iOS6, using the Gmail setting? Any help would be very much appreciated.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2