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When I connect my phone to the car stereo I do not hear any sound. I connect the cable and I can see the music volume on my phone shoot to zero and no sound comes out of the speakers even though I can see all the information on the screen.  It is obvious the music is playing, there is just no sound coming through.  Does anyone know of any way to prevent the volume on my phone from dropping to zero every time I connect it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    how do you connect it? what type of cable connecting to what type of connector in the stereo?


    because if it's by usb and the stereo support usb mass storage then this is not an option the iphone support

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    Connecting to a kenwood dnx6190hd DVD navigation system with the 30 pin iPhone USB cable that came with it. When I plug it in the volume on the phone drops to zero. Tried it with my girlfriends phone and the same thing happened. Both have iPhone 4S with iOS 6.01. Tried to put my phone on a normal sound dock this morning and it worked perfectly leading me to believe it may be the radio and not my phone.

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    as stated then the ios devices does not support connecting by usb to anything but a computer or the ac charger


    it does not work with usb mass stroage driver which devices such as stereos which have usb conenctors rely on

    the rest of the smartphones and tablets is quiting that feature too

    suppose they all feel the disc mode is too often used for copying media between people without the rights to play it