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Hi, yesterday I tried to print an Apple Works 6 word processing document. The first page was good. The others could not be read. Printer is connected via USB. Printer is healthy. No issues printing from MBA Mountain Lion or Acer netbook Win 7. The iBook is running OS 10.3.9. It' an 800MgHz G4 processor.


Today I was reading my file from the iBook screen and typing the text on an MBA. iBook shutsdown or freezes instead of sleeping. On boot the iBook makes a static sound before the chime then boots normally. I can read files. I eventually got an error message in Finder that the date and time is set before 1969 and applications may behave erratically. I reset the time. Still printing is not good.


I repaired permissions and ran MacJanitor yesterday when the printing issue presented.


Do you think a new permeter ram battery may resolve this? My iBook was purchased January 2003. The pram battery had ever been replaced.


I would appreciate any suggestions. I love my old iBook. Not ready to give up on it yet.


Thanks much.

MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    I ordred a new bttery for th iBook after talking with a community member in the Pages forum. It should arrive on the 29th. I will post back after the battery is here and charged to let you know if that was the issue. I hope it fixes my iBook. I do love that Mac.


    Merry Christmas!

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    A new battery should fix the problem as there is no PRAM battery in the G3 and G4 iBooks. There is a capacitor on the motherboard that briefly holds a charge to keep the date and time correct. It can go bad or simply discharge if the battery is dying which can cause the same symptoms as a dead pram battery. All the computer needs is a charged battery to keep the time setting.

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    dalstott, thank you for posting. I hope the new battery is the resolution. One is on it's way. I had the iBook on AC when the printing issues and freezing occurred. Do you think it may be something else? I hope it's the battery

    and not something to make my iBook unusable.

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    One thing to consider is to reset the PRAM and the PMU after you get the new battery installed.


    An easy file check method is to startup in safe mode as It forces a directory check of the startup volume. You may see a progress bar on the screen during this check, and the computer may take longer than usual to complete its startup.


    I also use a free utility called AppleJack for OS X 10.6 and previous that can be started in single user mode for troubleshooting. Below are some links to these items. Give us some follow up if needed.










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    dalstott, thank your for the additional help. I am still waiting for the battery. I will zap the PRAM after the battery is charged. Battery is not here yet. Shipped from Illinois 12-21-12 enroute to Ohio via United Parcel Storage  .


    The iBook is running OS 10.3.9. If you have aditional suggestions I would appreciate any help you can offer. MacJanitor has served me well along with Disk Utility for permissions repair over the years.


    Much thanks.