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Some people may find this helpful.

I joined I-tunes match yesterday and had various music videos and songs come up with the above message.

After digging around I found that by right clicking on the offending item it brings up a dropdown list.

From the List select INFO

In the next window make sure you are in the Summary Tab.

Here it displays all the info about your file. eg who bought it , when it was bought , speed rate etc etc

I found that I had not purchased the offending files but they had been added to my Library when I had

previously synced my iphone on my daughters computer.

This added her songs and music videos to my Library.

This is the reason I believe the files did not get accepted.

I have had to delete this files in my all music file. The only place where you can delete them.

If you still want them I am afraid you have to go to itunes and purchase your personal copy.


iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1