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I have an iPad lab that is mostly used by young children. All iPads have screen protectors. Apple's cleaning guidelines are for care without the screen protectors. Is there a better way to clean them when kids smear things on them? Can we use monitor wipes?

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    I believe apple recommends a simple damp cloth. Depending on how messy the kids are, another way to keep the ipad clean is to seal it in a gallon ziplock bag. Still very usable but waterproof and smudge proof (as long as the bag holds up that is)

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    This doesn't really answer my question... We have screen protectors which the Apple care instructions don't take into account. Ziplock bag (tacky) may be good for at home use but not in an iPad lab open to the public. In addition, they are inside enclosures that won't permit us to use bags or unplug them.