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So today when I tried to get on my macbook air the screen wouldn't start. I could hear it running so I knew it was on. I restarted it and it worked fine. I got off, back on again, and it was fine. The third time I got on, it did the same thing, so I restarted it. A few hours ago I was on a Safari, and it crashed. I opened it again, and it was then upside down. It closed and then my computer started acting funny. I restarted it, hoping that maybe that would fix the issue but it did not. It wouldn't let me open Safari or anything for that matter. So I shut it off. I just tried to turn it back on about an hour ago to get some help with it, but it would not come on. I got a grey screen with a pinwheel. Just a few minutes ago I tried it again, and this time it went to a blue screen with a pinwheel, it started to load but then went back to the same screen. I turned it off, and that's why I'm here. Could anyone tell me what's going on? It's a Macbook Air.

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Solved by JasonFear on Dec 22, 2012 2:28 AM Solved

Give these steps a try -




Work from top to bottom of the article. Ultimately if all of those steps do not resolve the issue the next step would be to reinstall OS X.