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I have bluetooth installed in my volvo c30 R-design 2011, while my phone works hands-free, my music doesn't want to play through my car.  I have connected and disconnected my phone but it makes no difference.  People have told me about the AUX input but I don't have this in the car - I'm not a technophobe but not really technical minded and don't want to take the car back to garage who will no doubt tell me that it will cost £s and £s to get it sorted - any help would be appreciated - Thanks

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    for ios devices and other tablets and smartphones to be able to transfer music over bluetooth

    the headset or car needs to support the bluetooth profile called A2DP if your car don't it's calls only

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    Thanks Rudegar - any idea how would I be able to tell if my cars bluetooth profile is A2DP?

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    Read your owner's manual.

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    As I said Kilted Tim not technical minded so the first place I tried was my owners manual.

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    I'm bit late. But you can't transfer music trough your bluetooth in Volvo. Mainly it is because the quality of the normal bluetooth is horrible and only in mono. The quality of the music would be so bad that no one would actually use it.


    Also on a note, you don't have the AUX-plug because you don't have premium-sound package in your Volvo. Only way to get the AUX-plug is by fully upgrading your sound system. Its a shame that you didn't get it when you purchased your car for only 300$. Upgrading might cost about 400-600$. The upgrade adds alot thing in your car.


    Also you can't only get the AUX-plug. The music-player with the AUX-plug also requires better speakers and two new tweeters in the front doors, and a "mode" button. As I said all of that will cost about 500$


    And as a Volvo owner I can tell you that your car is not A2DP-profiled. And actually I want to note that when you speak with the handsfree, the sound comes from a seperate speaker that is fitted under your dashboard, not from the car's speakers.


    Or you could try a FM-transferer. The quality is not that great but it does the job. Costs around 50-60$


    If you ask me about my opinion, id rather take the 600$ upgrade than 60$ FM-transferer because of the quality of the sound, but I'm an audiophile so I think that the transferer would work for you if you don't care too much about quality.

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    Thanks AxelWal, would most definitely have paid the extra when buying the car had I known. Don't think I'll be going down the FM transmitter route if I can help it, thanks again :)